California Woman wins $14M prize on a Lotto ticket she bought by mistake

A single mom of four sons from Mission Viejo, California stopped at her local CVS pharmacy on her way home from work to purhase her weekly batch of lottery tickets.

But this time, she accidentally put six dollars into the self-service ticket machine instead of five.

Instead of pressing the refund button, she decided to go ahead and use the $1 credit to buy a powerball ticket. Lucky for her, that ‘accidental’ move resulted in her buying the ticket with all six winning numbers making Thuan Le the winner of California’s Super Lotto Plus $14M Jackpot.
The odds of getting all six winning numbers are 14-million-to 1, and enough to make Thuan Le run out of the store screaming when she returned the next day to check the terminal and realized then that she did, in fact, have the winning ticket.

Immediately she called her sons to share the news. Le’s sons were in disbelief thinking their mom was ‘joking’ when she called them to inform them that she had won the jackpot. With the money, Le plans to buy a house and visit her parents in Vietnam. The CVS store responsible for selling the winning ticket will also receive $70,000 bonus.


Lotto Mistake Results In $14M Prize