A Terrible Ending to the Missing Kansas Girl

It is with many heavy hearts that the remains of 18-month-old Lana Bailey of Osage County, Kansas,has been discovered.

Currently, authorities are handling the forensic process, according to written statements. By merely listening to a hunch, an Osage County deputy encountered items and her remains that were in connection to the terrible killing.

Investigators are under the impression that the killing of Lana and three adults had taken place in another location, other than the nearby county in which the bodies were dumped.

Investigators came across this gruesome discovery last week; three adult bodies were discovered in an Ottawa farm at roughly the same time.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Kailie Bailey, a 21-year-old, had also been announced missing. On April 28, both had last been seen on the farm, according to police.

However, there was conflicting information from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which stated daughter and mother were last seen on May 1, while on their way to the farm. family members announced them as missing on May 3.

Franklin County resident, Kyle Flack, has been charged with all four deaths. In addition to Lana and Bailey’s deaths, both Andrew Stout, 30, and Steven White, 31, were found dead; they worked with one another as security guards and lived on the property.



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Recovered Body Believed to Be Missing Kansas Girl

Following the grisly discovery of her mother’s body on a Kansas farm along with two other male victims, 18-month old Lana Leigh Bailey has been missing.

The Sheriff in Franklin County Kansas, however, is reporting that the body of a small female child recovered by search teams is most likely the missing daughter of murder victim Kaylie Bailey.

The sheriff’s office declined to identify just where the remains of the youngster had been discovered over the weekend.

27-year old Kyle Flack, who already has a criminal record for previous felonies, has been arrested and charged with criminal murder in the slaying of Lana’s mother Kaylie, along with the deaths of Steven White and Andrew Stout whose bodies were also found hidden under a tarp on an Ottawa, Kansas farmhouse.

The FBI had joined the search for the missing toddler using helicopter as well as ground sonar.

Although officials have confirmed that the three adults died as a result of firearm use, there was no speculation as to what caused the death of 18-month old Lana nor how long she had been dead when discovered. It is not known whether Flack had any previous relationship with his victims or what the motive for the crime may be.