Bank Vault Saves 24 Moore Residents During Oklahoma Tornado

Quick thinking employees of the Tinker Federal Credit Union in Moore, Oklahoma are credited with helping save the lives of 24 people when an F-5 category tornado barreled through the neighborhoods south of Oklahoma City earlier this week, according to reports.

Because there was little warning that a massive tornado had formed and was heading their way, it was business at usual at the Credit Union offices until police alerted them to take shelter. Employees quickly herded the eight customers and 14 employees in the building into the bank’s secure vault.

When the 24 people emerged after the tornado has passed, they were astounded to discover that only the vault in which they had taken cover had survived the almost 200 mph winds, with the rest of the TFCU building in shambles all around them. Only the letter “F” was seen remaining on the face of the building which was bent and crumbling. Credit Union officials posted a picture online of the bank vault which helped to save 24 lives and customers credit the company’s manager at that location for insisting that everyone get into the vault rather than leaving the building or trying to make it to another location. The current tornado death toll in Okahoma stands at 24.

Bank Vault Saves 24