A 62-year-old skydiver has died after plummeting into a Southern California backyard, according to media reports Sunday.

A preliminary investigation says a group of skydivers were trying a multiple person manoeuvr over Riverside County on Saturday when one of them became entangled in a parachute.

The man was unable to free himself and fell to the ground.

According to the Denver Post, police found him in the backyard of a Lake Elsinore home. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police identified the skydiver as Ken Oka of Mira Loma.

The newspaper says police and the Federal Aviation Administration are conducting independent investigations.

Skydiver survives 13,000 foot fall

Last week, Gerardo Flores survived a 13,000-foot fall after a parachute malfunction prompting an FAA report to cite a lack of industry oversight.

Flores has spoken about how fortunate he is to be alive, and the thoughts that raced through his head as he plummeted earthwards from 13,000 feet. The weather was good and everything seemed normal when Liam Dunne jumped from the plane over Moteuko, but events soon took a dramatic turn.

Mr. Dunne’s main parachute failed to open and a after a desperate struggle, he managed to release his reserve chute just 15 seconds before impact, reports the Telegraph.

According to dropzone.com, there were about 49 Skydiving related deaths last year worldwide.

What An Idiot Man Recalls When Parachute Failed

What An Idiot Man Recalls When Parachute Failed