6 dead Chicago In Shootings: Memorial Weekend Violence Stirs Debate

6 dead Chicago In Shootings: Memorial Weekend Violence Stirs Debate

Memorial Weekend Deadly in Chicago with Six Fatalities

Death by gunfire hasn’t taken a holiday in the Chicago area over Memorial Day weekend, as residents experienced another weekend marred by a variety of violent incidents that have left six people dead and another 11 injured, ABC News reports.

Before the local newspaper was hitting front porches on Saturday morning, police were called to investigate the shooting deaths of two men, one 18 years of age and the other 29 years old, near the Chicago residence of President Barack Obama on the city’s violence-plagued South Side.

These killings followed the deaths of two other young men through gun violence that happened on Friday.

By early Sunday morning, police were called to the scene of a shooting that resulted in the death of a 42-year old man. Another young man in his early 20s was also a victim of gunplay when he was shot in the torso and brought to the emergency room of a local hospital but succumbed to his injuries, reports Dna Info Chicago.

The Chicago area has been experiencing some of worst gun violence in recent history over the past few years and gang activity has been responsible for some of it.

A female student from Chicago who participated in President Obama’s January inaugural festivities is among this year’s mounting toll.

Earlier this year the Huff Post wrote:

Both gun-rights and gun-control advocates are seizing on the city’s woes – one side to push for greater access to guns for self-defense, the other to seek greater restrictions on gun sales.

“You’ve got these two philosophies that are butting heads, and they’re butting heads in the biggest city in the middle of the United States,” said David Workman, of the Bellevue, Wa.-based Second Amendment Foundation. “And both sides are holding up Chicago as a punching bag.”

Critics of gun control say Chicago’s spike in homicides offers clear evidence that sharply restricting weapons endangers the public. The city banned handguns until a 2010 Supreme Court ruling threw out the ban. Chicago then adopted a strict gun ordinance that requires gun owners to be fingerprinted, undergo a background check, pass a training class and pay fees that can be higher than the price of the weapons.

With the latest gun violence people will demand answers.

6 dead Chicago In Shootings: Memorial Weekend Violence Stirs Debate

6 dead Chicago In Shootings: Memorial Weekend Violence Stirs Debate


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