John Hammons dies: Hotel Magnate Dies In Nursing Home At 94

John Hammons dies: Hotel Magnate Dies In Nursing Home At 94

John Hammons dies

John Q. Hammons passed away at the Elfindale Manor nursing facility in Missour this past Sunday. He was 94 years of age at the time of this death, according to reports.

Hammons was a well-known Hotel Magnate and Missouri Philanthropist. His accomplishments and charity work need no introduction into American society. They speak for themselves.

Mr. Hammons was a poor farm boy during the Great Depression. His parents lost their farm and he swore that he would never be poor again after that incident.

After Hammon’s parents financial ruin, he grew up and went to college like any normal child. He graduated from Southwest Missouri State Teachers College in the year of 1939.

He taught science and history to junior high school students. He also became their basketball coach as well and he and his basketball team only lost one game in two seasons. That is pretty spectacular!

After he left the teaching industry, he went into the military for a while. When he got out he decided to start a business for himself. His business went belly-up financially but this did not stop him. He just started other business adventures and with help from a financial partner, bought into a chain of Holiday Inn’s.

Soon after that, he ventured off into other aspects of business prospects. This type of business genius made him a billionaire.

Mr. John Hammons will always be remembered for his numerous talents and he deserves recognition for his many accomplishments during his 94 years upon this earth.


Hotel builder, philanthropist John Hammons dies

John Hammons, Hotel Developer and Philanthropist, Dies at Age 94