O.C. crash kills 5 teens: Victims Names Released

O.C. crash kills 5 teens: Victims Names Released

Newport Beach Crash Killing 5 Teens Involved Speeding

Authorities confirm that speed played a contributing factor to a deadly accident that occurred in Newport Beach, California this week. Five teenagers, all students in the Irvine United School District, were killed in the one car accident. A 17-year old University High School student, Adbulrahman Alyahayan was at the wheel when he lost control of the vehicle at a very high rate of speed, causing the car to split into two pieces and catch on fire. The two boys and three girls who were all killed on impact, were headed for the local beach when the accident occurred.

Two sisters from Irvine High School, Robin and Aurora Cabrera, were identified among the dead. Two other classmates from Irvine High, Cecilia Zamora and Nozad Al Hamawendi, were also riding in the Infiniti sedan when it suddenly veered off the highway, struck a nearby tree and was split into two as it caught fire as a result of the impact.

Although the posted speed limit on the road where the accident occurred is 55 mph, authorities say the Infiniti was travelling at a much higher rate of speed, said Newport Beach Police spokeswoman Kathy Lowe.

“That will be a part of our investigation to determine exactly the speed of the vehicle, what factors caused it to veer off the road and strike that tree,” Lowe said.

They are continuing their investigation of what most consider to be the worst traffic incident in Orange County in recent history.

O.C. crash kills 5 teens: Police release teens’ names