Teacher fakes illness, Take That Irony

Teacher fakes illness, Take That Irony

Polk County Teacher Fakes Illness to Ditch School

Are teaches becoming just as lazy as their students? According to rttnews a teacher in Florida’s Polk County School District, Ashley Baker, claimed her and her father were sick and dying and that she was unable to attend class.

Of course the school allowed Ashley Baker to take days off, and even skip out on class on occasions when she would come up with a story to excuse herself.

However, when officials confronted Baker regarding the issue, she supposedly admitted to lying about her illness and only faking being in a fatal condition just to ditch school.

The Polk County has since of course fired Ashley Baker after finding out her story was a lie.

How do you know if your children are really getting the education they deserve? How do you know they’re safe? If a teacher can lie about this they can lie about anything right?

WHen asked about the Teacher fakes illness scandal, Ralie Ortiz, the parent of a student says – “Wow. That’s kind of scary, because if she lies about that then she can lie about anything.”

Apparently the principal of the school received a total of 120 emails from the teacher claiming she was very sick and could not attend school.

Baker is scheduled to have a hearing to appeal her termination.

We all know kids are notorious for faking fevers to stay home from school. A study published in 2012 suggests parents aren’t much better.

Nearly half the workers surveyed admitted to calling in sick when they weren’t. Adecco Group North America, the temporary staffing company that commissioned the survey, didn’t say how many of those employees faked a cough and used a raspy voice when they phoned their boss.

Some hooky-playing workers get creative. Slightly more than one-fourth of employees say they have gained vacation time by fudging on bereavement days. A similar number admit to doing the same by claiming to have jury duty.

Only 42 percent of the 522 full-time workers surveyed said they never lie to get extra vacation time.

Men are more than twice as likely as women to say three or more weeks of sick time in one year is reasonable, according to the study.

What do you think of the teacher fakes illness story. Should she be fired?

Liz Lamb, 28, faked medical reports and started writing blogs to cover up her lie that a lump in her breast was cancerous.

Liz Lamb, 28, faked medical reports and started writing blogs to cover up her lie that a lump in her breast was cancerous.


Florida Teacher Fakes Illness To Skip School

Teacher fakes illness