IQ Scores Of Famous People: Was Steve Jobs' IQ Really Only 86-99?

IQ Scores Of Famous People: Was Steve Jobs’ IQ Really Only 86-99?

“IQ”, standing for Intelligence Quotient, has long been a prestigious symbol of a person’s overall intellect – at least for those who score high enough. A report of the IQ scores of famous people has recently been released and perhaps offers some insight into the inner workings of those people. Here goes a partial list of the scores:

One percent of humans have an IQ score of 50 to 85, meaning they can perform normal daily tasks but are considered to be educationally challenged.

One to two percent score in the gifted (125) to genius (125 to 200). Most people fall in the average category (85 to 115).

Iconic President John F. Kennedy only had an IQ of 117, and Richard Nixon reportedly had an IQ of 143.

Famous English author Charles Dickens reportedly had an IQ of 180, while fellow Englishman Charles Darwin had an IQ of 165. Staying with the English, Sir Isaac Newton had an astonishing IQ of 190.

However, Kim Ung-Yong, a Korean former child prodigy, has been recorded as having an IQ score of about 210. Yong reportedly could speak fluently at six months old and was a guest student in physics at Hanyang University by the time he was three.

Comparing Steve Jobs’ IQ (86-99) with Bill Gates (160) proves IQ scores are not everything.

The average IQ across all Americans is a score of 100, With 91 to 109 considered average or normal. 110 to 119 is considered to be “Superior Intelligence” and 120 to 129 is considered “Very Superior Intelligence.” A score of 130 to 139 is listed as “Gifted,” and 140 or above is considered “Genius or Near Genius.”

Here is a list of some famous people with high IQ’s

Johann Sebastian Bach’s IQ was 165
George W. Bush’s IQ is 125
Asia Carrera’s IQ is 156
Bill Clinton’s IQ is 137
Hillary Clinton’s IQ is 140
Geena Davis’ IQ is 140
Johann Sebastian Bach IQ 165
Jodie Foster’s IQ is 132
Stephen Hawking’s IQ is 160
Nicole Kidman’s IQ is 132
Jayne Mansfield’s IQ is 149
Steve Martin’s IQ is 142
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s IQ is 135
Shakira’s IQ is 140
OJ Simpson’s IQ is 89
Britney Spears’ IQ is 104
Sharon Stone’s IQ is 154
Marilyn Vos Savant’s IQ is 228