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  • Tauchcenter

    December 10, 2015

    I noticed that the truck shown in your video is drifefent that the one they show on CNN that was crushed/damaged. Can we learn anything about how to make vehicles safer for those that put their lives in danger to get this important scientific data. It is known that a house with strong shutters can survive a hurricane, where houses next door without them are totally destroyed. I would assume a truck with built in roll cage and lexan or bullet proof type windows would be much better at surviving a tornado. Were these reserachers driving at 100+mph to get away from storm and then crashed? thus much of the vehicle damage from crash and not directly from impact of tornado?? Wish we can learn more scientific data to improve vehicle design to protect the researchers that take their place. I see lots of stock photos of past trucks that do NOT match the twitter feed pics from that day. Maybe a giant box truck acts like a sail on a boat and could prove to be a disaster in storm winds?? I keep hearing how safe they always were, but then I hear how close they had to drive to place their pods to research also so how safe was the truck they were driving? I hope something positive can come from such horrible news . my questions are not to blame, but to try and improve and learn from. (yes, I know the real answer is to drive away from such storms. vs. into them.. I am asking only for researchers who need to drive close and take these extra risks). Thank you!


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