Spike in NYC Gun Violence in the Past 48 Hours Leaves 25 Wounded, 6 Dead

New York City, NY – a sudden wave of gun violence has left 25 victims from gunshot wounds of which six have lost their lives. In one instance, an eleven-year-old girl will spend the rest of her life paralyzed due to a stray bullet which struck her.

The following day, gun violence broke out again, and a fifteen-year-old girl who attempted to move a stroller carrying a baby to safety took a bullet in her leg as she made her way across the street. On Sunday, a gunman went on a shooting spree in the borough of Prospect Lefferts Gardens leaving three people injured.

The assailant, Kevin Brown, is still at large and is considered dangerous. He fired at policemen responding to calls for help. Brown is said to be about 5’10” and weighs approximately 185 lbs.

One witness said that during the shooting spree it felt as if twenty shots were fired. Despite the spike in gun violence over the weekend, gun violence is 23% lower year to date.

That statistic shows that gun violence is trending down, but there still amounts to 440 people who have become victims of gun violence. The violence is nearly spread across the entire city with four of the city’s five boroughs reporting incidents.


New York City Gun Violence: 25 Shot In 48 Hours, Six Dead