Powerball Winner From Florida: Reports

Powerball Winner From Florida: Reports

$590 Million Powerball Jackpot remains Unclaimed

Just two weeks ago the residents of the small Florida town of Zephyrhills woke to the news a winning lottery ticket worth $590 million had been bought in their local grocery store. The 13,337 residents of Zephyrhills quickly began to speculate about the identity of the winner and began to theorize over the identity of the multi-millionaire. Conspiracy theories about lost tickets and tickets washed and dried in the laundry began to circulate for the reasons for the delay in claiming the huge cash prize. Others simply thought, and still do that the winner was consulting financial advisors and making sure everything is in place for when they finally claim the huge Powerball win.

Two weeks on and the residents of the small town are becoming nervous as the deadline for claiming the $590 jackpot as a lump sum begins to grow closer. The winner has just 60 days to claim the full amount as a lump sum or 180 days to take the total in annual payments to reduce a looming large tax bill. Despite the residents of the town most famous for bottled water hoping the money will be returned for a new drawing if not claimed an unclaimed jackpot would, in fact be returned to Florida state funds.


Powerball Winner From Florida