The Obama administration has made plenty of headlines lately with several scandals. Perhaps they have seen fit to take their communications off-line and keep them secret. According to sources and reported by the Associated Press, many Obama administration officials have been using secret email accounts.

According to the AP, they were able to finally wrestle free documents and records of these secret email accounts through freedom of information requests. The AP also reports that these are not the typical personal email accounts that are set up by the government, which are commonly used. These accounts are looked down upon as circumventing government and public records, and the finding of secret, or separate email accounts is troubling.

The biggest name that was revealed with the AP’s investigation is HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The AP has gone further into its reporting and decided to report this email address. Here is a statement from the AP
“The AP decided to publish the secret address for Sebelius — KGS2(at) — over the government’s objections because the secretary is a high-ranking civil servant who oversees not only major agencies like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services but also the implementation of Obama’s signature health care law. Her public email address is Kathleen.Sebelius(at)”


Obama Political Appointees Using Secret Email Accounts