3 people injured in massive explosion at home in Dobbin, Texas

A massive explosion completely demolished a house in Dobbin, Texas on Tuesday sending three people to the hospital with extremely serious injuries. One of them was a small child.

The early morning blast completely leveled the house in an explosion people felt over 20 miles away. The Office of the Fire Marshal said the explosion scattered contents of the Dobbin home more than half a mile away, and from the pattern of the debris was consistent with a propane gas leak,

A representative from the Fire Marshal’s Office went on to say the two women who lived in the house, Lena Mock Knight, age 65 and sister, Jennifer Mock, age 58, had just begun to prepare breakfast when it happened. They remember lighting the stove and then everything went up in a massive explosion.

The two women were transported to a Houston hospital where they are both in critical condition with extensive burns. Lena Mock Knight’s eight-month-old grandson was also found in the debris and was transported by helicopter to a burns unit in Galveston, Texas.

Surprising to many, explosions from natural gas are not as uncommon as you may think, although they happen more in western countries where gas is pumped into a home from underground pipes rather than small propane tanks used in the developing world.

In fact, in the United States alone almost 3,000 natural gas explosions have been recorded just since 1990, with old gas pipes often being to blame.


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