Dodgers Beating Fan Bryan Stowe Returns Home After 2 Years

The San Francisco Giants fan who made headlines two years ago after being beaten by rival fans in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has left his nursing facility to go home. But family members confide that Bryan Stowe didn’t leave the rehabilitation facility of his own accord but because his insurance company had

reached its limit on the amount it was willing to pay to keep him undergoing physical therapy. The 44-year old received a brutal beating at the hands of two suspects from San Bernardino County who are currently awaiting trial and he suffered extensive brain trauma causing lasting injuries.

Although Stowe had been receiving therapy five days a week, he now must be content with the help his own family members can provide since his insurance company cut off any future payments.

Family members say that his move back home is really not in his best interest because he had been making progress thanks to the rigorous program of physical therapy. Now he will continue to suffer memory problems, ongoing pain and reduced mobility due to the severe curtailing of the therapy he had been undergoing since the attack in March of 2011. His family is suing the Los Angeles Dodgers over the incident.


Beating victim Bryan Stow goes home — family says it’s not for the best

Beating victim Bryan Stow goes home — family says it’s not for the best