A business on Cherokee Street in St. Louis was the site of a shooting spree that left four adults dead. Authorities report that two men and two women were discovered at the scene in an apparent murder-suicide by gunshot, but police officials are not speculating which of the four adults murdered the other three and then took their own life.

According to reports, three of the victims were employees of the healthcare business where they were found shot to death. The individual who was the shooter had reportedly gotten into a heated argument with one of the employees prior to opening fire.

Police could not speculate if the deceased individuals knew the shooter or if any of them were related to the shooter. The dead adults were identified as 59-year old Ahmed Dirir, 29-year old Seaedd Abdulla, 44-year old Khadra Muse, and 54-year old Bernice Solomon-Reed. There were unconfirmed reports that Dirir was the suspected shooting who ultimately committed suicide inside the business and that he was one of the owners or the owner of the business suspected of killing the three others who were his employees. Friends of the victims expressed shock and disbelief, saying that they were all friendly people.