Westminster Explosion Damages Four Homes (PHOTO)

Westminster Explosion Damages Four Homes (PHOTO)

Westminster Natural Gas Explosion Damages Four Homes

A freak natural gas explosion in the city of Westminster has destroyed two homes, caused substantial damage to two other homes, and injured two, but thankfully no lives were lost. One neighbor described the incident as sounding as if a plane had crash landed in the neighborhood with the boom and sound of ensuing destruction. The impact caused windows to get blown out. Thankfully, there were only minor injuries suffered by two people and they were emergency responders.

Initially, residents feared that the explosion may have claimed the lives of three people. However, authorities were able to track down the missing people who were safely away from area at the time of the explosion. At the same time, the surrounding area was evacuated as a precaution for an area spanning several blocks.

Once authorities were able to verify the condition of the natural gas pipelines, residents were allowed back to their houses. One local resident, Monique Gallegos thought that a terrorist strike had occurred. No one can fault her with the worldwide attention the Boston Bombing incident garnered. Although the immediate area surrounding the incident looked like a combat zone, thankfully nothing was lost that cannot be replaced.


Westminster home explosion injures 2