Pro Athlete Runs Treadmill at 25 MPH

Robert Gill, a rookie for the Arizona Cardinals, recently accepted a challenge to run on a treadmill at a local gym that had been positioned at the amazing speed of 25 mph. Gill psyched himself up before stepping onto the fast spinning tread and his legs seemed to disappear into a blur while he kept pace with the 25 mph machine for about six seconds before jumping off. Gill’s athletic ability at the ripe old age of 29 certainly proved why the Cardinals were willing to promise him one of the 90 available positions on their team.

Inspired by Gill’s treadmill stunt, Chad Johnson decided to go one better. He decided to produce his own treadmill video, which has become as much a viral sensation on both YouTube and Reddit, in which he makes the stunt more difficult by adding an incline to the running surface. As a result, Johnson’s video shows him running at speeds of 24 mph on a 2.4% incline which created more of a challenge than Gill faced when running flat out on a treadmill machine set at 25 mph speeds. No word if other NFL athletes will take the bait and join the treadmill speed challenge.

Danton Barto, an NFL scout, said:

“This guy is flying by our guys … It was the first time I had seen him, heard about him or anything of that nature … The one thing you can’t teach is speed. And his speed was … you don’t see too many guys in your life as fast as Robert is.”


Chad Johnson gets better of Robert Gill on a treadmill
Chad Johnson gets better of Robert Gill on a treadmill

Robert Gill Performs Treadmill Running Stunt At 25 Mph; Arizona Cardinals Rookie Is A Blur (VIDEO)