Tropical Depression 2

A tropical formation, known as Tropical Depression 2, has started in the northwestern part of the Caribbean Sea.

The formation came to be when a low level circulation started from a tropical wave in the Caribbean.

A group of organized thunderstorms have also developed.

As of now, the tropical depression is moving towards 30 west, 50 west, and 75 west. Most of the waves are at about 20 north and moving 5-6 degrees longitude each day.Tropical Depression 2 brought a lot of worry to the residents of the southern states of the United States upon the first news of the formation that is scheduled to hit Florida by Monday, July 8th.

According to the radar, the residents of the southern United States should have no need to worry. There is very minimal damage expected to happen in Florida and New Orleans because the storm is estimated to die down before its arrival, changing the tropical storm to a more simple storm with exaggerated rain and clouds.

However, there is a small chance that the surface storm could separate and create a tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico over the 48 hour course. This is a very highly unlikely outcome.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Dalila was forecast to weaken to a tropical depression in the eastern Pacific by Thursday night.

Tropical Depression 2 should pose little threat to New Orleans area

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