Charles Ramsey Broke And Homeless: Reports

Charles Ramsey Broke And Homeless: Reports

Charles Ramsey Claims to be Broke and Homeless

Charles Ramsey, the hero of the “Cleveland Three”, now tells reporters that he is out of money and has no residence.

Say it ain’t so? Ramsey won national attention not just for being there at the right time and the right place when a woman held captive against her will in the home next door her was escaping, but he expressed himself in honest and humorous terms which endeared him to many.

Following his sudden rise to fame, he was requested to speak at different venues which brought him a sudden influx of cash & donations which some estimate at $50,000. Where did the money go? Ramsey claims he owed a lot of money.

He also said that his fame made him a frequent recipient of complements at the restaurant he was employed at.

Those constant expressions of thanks often interrupted his work routine leading his employer to terminate him. Ramsey also claims that neighbors began to shun him believing that he was embellishing his role in the rescue of the “Cleveland Three” for personal gain.

The pressure led him to move out. It is not certain what comes next for the hero, but hopefully he will land on his feet.


Charles Ramsey Says He Is Homeless, Broke After Fame That Followed Ohio Kidnapping Rescue