Students fart spray

Students fart spray

A Stinky Prank Gone Wrong

It was all meant to be good fun, but a practical joke at a Maryland Bible camp left six campers hospitalized and HazMat and the fire department on the scene. The prank involved the use of a ‘fart spray’ and rabbit repellent.

The spray, called Liquid ***, is made to smell like human feces. The rodent repellent contains a mixture of ingredients which often include rancid meat or eggs and sometimes coyote urine. According to authorizes the teens sprayed these two products into the air conditioning units inside of two cabinets.

The joke got out of hand, however and soon after a dozen or more campers were complaining of breathing problems. One 16-year old boy was hospitalized with upper respiratory problem and eye irritation and many others saw with difficulties . Most students were seen and treated in the emergency room before being released.

The prank gone wrong took place at the Camp Wo-Me-To in northern Maryland. Reports state that it took the HazMat team several hours to disinfect the fumes from the two cabinets. Investigators are still looking into the case, trying to determine if it was indeed a practical joke gone wrong or if malicious intent was involved.

Students fart spray prank