Body Found Vacaville is Missing FBI Agent

Body Found Vacaville is Missing FBI Agent

Body of Missing FBI Investigator Found Outside Vacaville

Oakland, CA – police discovered the body of a woman in a local park outside of Vacaville. Later in the day, the coroner confirmed that the body found was that of 50-year-old Sandra Coke who had been missing since August 4.

As of yet, the last person that Coke was seen alive with is Randy Alana, a 56-year-old parolee. Police say that Alana is not officially a suspect but that he does remain a “person of interest”.

It doesn’t help matters that Alana is a convicted sex-offender with a designation of “high-risk”.

“We are extremely limited in the information we can share about this investigation,” police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said in a released statemen Wednesday.

A person is designated “high-risk” based on prior offenses and the high rate of recidivism. He was convicted for rape, and kidnapping for the express purposes of raping and forcing oral sex. Alana has also failed to meet his reporting requirements since June 11. Persons with a “high-risk” designation have to report with their local sheriff and parole officers with a greater degree of frequency.

Additionally, Alana was wearing a GPS device but has since removed it so that his whereabouts are unknown. However, it is not certain whether he removed his ankle bracelet prior to the disappearance of Coke. Coke was last seen when she drove off to retrieve a prescription drug for her daughter.

Coke’s family released a statement following the announcement which read, in part:

“The Coke family is devastated by the loss of our beloved Sandra. She was a loving mother, daughter, sister and auntie, and a shining light in our family; her good cheer, easy laugh and generous hugs will be missed. Those of us who were privileged to know Sandra will remember her as an unusually kind, generous and big-hearted person. She passionately devoted her professional life to helping the poor and those who endured difficult childhoods. All of us will miss Sandra’s beautiful, giving spirit.”

In a separate statement Coke’s employer, The Office of the Federal Defender, echoed the sentiment:

“The Federal Defender staff for over a week now have been heartbroken over the disappearance and now confirmed death of their loved and respected coworker.”

That statement also acknowledged the likelihood that the department will eventually be asked to “defend whoever may eventually be charged” with Coke’s death.

The 9th Circuit Federal Court also released the following statement:

“All of us in the federal court family are deeply saddened by the death of our colleague and co-worker. Sandra Coke was an admired and respected professional working in a highly challenging area of the law. She was passionate about her work, devoted to her clients and colleagues, and performed her duties with fairness and integrity. She will be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to her family.”

A fund has been established for the care and education of Ms. Coke’s daughter. To donate, visit:

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