Hooters Bans San Diego Mayor

Hooters Bans San Diego Mayor

Embattled San Diego Mayor in Sexual Harassment Scandal Banned from Hooters

Embattled Liberal Democrat Bob Filner, who is the mayor of San Diego, has a one more thing to worry about: He has been banned from patronizing all fourteen locations of Hooters inside of San Diego.

The establishments even went so far as to post a sign in front of each location which states in four sentences their position.

The Hooters restaurants affirm they are non-partisan and take no stand on party issues. They also expect high standards from people. They ban the mayor of San Diego from frequenting their restaurants.

Finally, they affirm women should be treated with respect. This is quite the moral high ground for an establishment built on objectifying women in short shorts which draw attention to their buttocks and tight shirts which flaunt each woman’s breasts or “hooters” – hence the name of the restaurant.

It may not be so much of a high ground that Hooters is taking in as much as it is to say that a person can tell just far it is that they’ve fallen when Hooters can take the moral high ground and preach decency and respect to them. As for Mayor Filner, he just completed a sex addiction treatment which lasted exactly a fortnight. It is not certain if he can politically survive the sexual harassment scandal involving 14 women.

San Diego mayor is BANNED from all Hooters restaurants in the city