Kim Jong-Un’s Former Flame Executed by Machine Gun Firing Squad

In an act sure to underscore the brutality of the North Korean regime, King Jong-un ordered the execution of eleven members of the Unhasu Orchestra and Wangjaesan Light Music Band. The manner in which the executions were carried out was excessive.

The eleven accused were arrested only days ago for the crime of pornography. Specifically, they were accused of making sex tapes and distributing them. It is such a sad commentary that something which is the source of either embarrassment in the West or financial gain as the case may be, is treated as a capital offense in this impoverished nation.

Among the eleven members were the dictator’s former girlfriend Hyon Song-wol. She and the other accused were lined in before a machine gun firing squad and executed with their families and other band members watching the horrific scene. Following their execution, their families were taken away to prison camps.

Kim Jong-un dated Song-wol while his father was yet alive and it is believed that their relationship ended due to interference from his father. Oddly enough, Jong-un married a woman who herself was a member of the same performance group. Rumor has it that Jong-un continued to carry on his relationship with Song-wol even after his marriage.

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