Drunk Dial Congress:  Have A Drink Or Two Voice Your Opinion

Drunk Dial Congress: Have A Drink Or Two Voice Your Opinion

Sloshed and Furloughed? Drunk Dial Congress!

The government shutdown has left many in a position of helplessness. A new website, DrunkDialCongress.org, offers malcontents a humorous chance to vent directly to a random member of congress.

The site, designed by Revolution Messaging, provides talking points for those of us whom are forgetful drunks. The points range from the serious “You guys aren’t funding the police that are protecting you,” to the amusing “My kids won’t stop yelling at me about camping.”

A powerful messaging tool controls the contact system. The office of a congressman is contacted after a user inputs a phone number. The user is then called by the system and connected to the congressman after an amusing message, which urges users to speak their minds, is delivered by an inebriated speaker.

A third section of the site provides recipes to a few cleverly named drinks, which will help you build up liquid courage. A few Southern Congressman, Fancy Statesman or The Bloody ******** should get you in the mood to give congress a stern talking to.

Drunk Dial Congress Official Site

Drunk Dial Congress

Drunk Dial Congress: Site urges User To Call Congress Drunk