John Edwards To Open Law Firm In North Carolina

John Edwards To Open Law Firm In North Carolina

Former Presidential Candidate To Open Law Firm

John Edwards is a well known democratic politician, so well known he was a 2004 vice-presidential nominee. Edwards, former North Carolina senator, practiced as a lawyer in a previous segment of his life before concentrating solely on politics. However, it looks like the times are changing and Edwards is making a move back to practicing law and everything that goes along with it.

In May of this year, John Edwards reactivated his license to practice law via the North Carolina State Bar. Edwards has shared with the public that his next big move is to open up his own law firm, right in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. This firm, if everything goes smoothly and according to plan, will focus on plaintiff work, shares Edwards.

Edwards is experienced in plaintiff cases, as he was in this sort of practice before he moved to politics, representing clients dealing with medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits.

This new personal career move on his part is a way to finally get back in the media spotlight after he vanished last year, mostly due to allegations of fraud to cover up a pregnant on-the-side lady. Allegations against him were swept under the rug as the case ended in a mistrial.


John Edwards

John Edwards To Open Law Firm In North Carolina