Obamacare Website Crashes, Republicans Cry ‘Foul’

With the mad dash to sign up for affordable health care, millions of citizens across the country who are attempting to access the Obamacare website, are now experiencing an abundance of technical difficulties, resulting in error messages, crashes, and additional computer glitches. Many people have expressed frustration and disappointment in their inability to access the long anticipated Obamacare website, which allows users to register for healthcare at a reduced rate, based on their annual household income and additional factors.

Some conservatives are now crying “foul,” claiming that the government is purposely reducing traffic to their website, in an effort to keep users from viewing the true cost of health insurance under Obamacare. However, there is a more reasonable explanation for the errors. Due to an increased interest in reduced cost health care, a “bottleneck” effect has occurred with the website’s servers. Since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law a week ago, only 226 people have been able to successfully sign up for reduced cost health care coverage in Colorado. Recent reports suggest, that the website errors could take several months to fix, resulting in health care coverage delays for millions of eligible citizens.