Kmart Holiday Hours Sparks Outrage

Kmart Holiday Hours Sparks Outrage

KMART Announcement to Stay Open on Thanksgiving Gets Customer Backlash

Retail giant Kmart, now a subsidiary of Sears, faces a wave of customer backlash over its announcement to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day at 6:00AM and remain open through “Black Friday”. Now, everyone expects the retailer to open their doors on the day following Thanksgiving as it is the single biggest shopping day of the holiday season when retailers move as much as 50% of their annual product.

However, it is their remaining open on the actual holiday itself that has consumers riled. Now, Kmart has been keeping their doors open on Thanksgiving for the past three years, but they have offered respite to employees by shutting down for three hours starting at 4PM so that employees could celebrate the holiday meal with their loved ones.

This year there will be no such respite. One angry patron exclaimed that the retailer should be “ashamed” of itself for making their employees work during the holiday. While some consumers may think that Kmart is behaving like a greedy taskmaster, the truth is that the retailer, like many others, is suffering from poor retail sales in the United States. With the anemic economy, Kmart may well be fighting for its survival. Put another way, it is asking employees sacrifice one important turkey meal for their employment in an economy that is not producing new jobs. Unfortunately, in the Obama economy there are millions of unemployed who would gladly accept these terms for a steady income.


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