A major storm that started on the West Coast is still wreaking havoc on the lower half of the United States. Over the weekend the storm impacted New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma with snow and ice. It is also responsible for causing 13 deaths related to the weather. Those killed lost their lives in accidents. On Sunday in Odessa Texas a major backup happened on I-20 when an accident caused the highway to come to a stand still for many hours.
According to Joe Harris, a National Weather Service meteorologist, the “Nordic Outbreak” will produce a mixed bag of weather that will end up impacting most of the Northeast. This could end up hindering the Northeast and any travel plans one might have. These storms have already dumped over a foot of snow in the mountains of Utah and Colorado.

Air travel could be delayed in New York, Boston, Washington and Baltimore, according to Kevin Roth lead meteorologist for the Weather Channel. The weather is expected to be the worst on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is advised that people who have travel plans should try to travel before or wait until the storm is over. Make sure before you go to the airport to check and see if your plane is on time.

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