Peter Trautmann used Heimlich maneuver to save girl's life

Peter Trautmann used Heimlich maneuver to save girl’s life

Columbus Teacher Rescues Choking Girl with Heimlich Maneuver

Columbus, OH – It can happen to anyone and before the person knows what’s happening they are in a crisis mode. Eighth grade student Shelby Bray was eating her lunch when she recalled that suddenly she was unable to breath. She began to frantically point at her throat and bang on the table for attention. Thankfully, a fellow classmate realized what was happening and ran to Peter Trautmann, one of the school’s instructors.

Trautmann was trained in the Heimlich maneuver and used it twice on Ms. Bray at which time she began choking and coughing both of which are signs that the obstruction has cleared sufficiently for the body to start ejecting the rest. He later expressed gratitude to the school nurses for the annual training they provide on the Heimlich maneuver. Up until that moment, he had never had to use it.

While the school affirms their nurses would have been there in time to apply the maneuver on the girl, it may be that she would have been unconscious which would complicate the procedure. All teachers who monitor the lunch room are required to be trained in the Heimlich maneuver for situations just such as this one.