Con Man Bobby Thompson Gets 28 Years

Mystery surrounds the man known as “Bobby Thompson”, who was sentenced Monday to 28 years for being the brains behind a 100 million dollar fraud involving a bogus Navy Veteran Charity. According to WCPO Online in Cincinnati, the law enforcement authorities say that he is really John Donald Cody, a Harvard trained lawyer. The defendant signed his name as Mr. X.

The Scam, which ran in 41 states, involved Cody stealing 100 million dollars from the US Navy Veterans Association, an operation Thompson ran out of Tampa, Florida. Only a small portion of the money has been recovered.

After being on the run for almost two years he was arrested in 2012. When apprehended he had a suitcase with fake ID and nearly a Million dollars in cash. Thompson, who had posed as a former naval commander had donated large sums to political candidates, including Bush and McCain and had his picture taken with President Bush.

The defense attempted to capitalize on this implying Thompson’s work for the charity was part of a CIA backed operation. Cody, appearing in court bearded and disheveled claimed that his name was really Thompson, though military fingerprint records confirmed his identity As Cody.


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