Tragedy at Cook County

It’s always saddening to see a hero fall. Police officers understand that they put themselves in danger every day to protect others.

While they sometimes die doing what they believe is right, it is never right to watch an officer die by the hands of a criminal. Regardless of arguments saying that some police officers are crooked, it cannot be justified that these things happen.

A former Marine and a man in blue for twenty years, Cook County deputy Cuauhtemoc Estrada was killed on December 21st 2013 while intervening on a robbery.

Let us hope that the men responsible for this will be brought to justice, and that the family afflicted will find solace and comfort. Although Estrada was in the electronic monitoring unit, many if not all officers knowingly are putting themselves at risk for the safety of the people and to bring and maintain order. It’s tragedies like these that both discourage us but also remind us that we should be thankful for those who are in service of the greater good.

Cuauhtemoc Estrada, as Cook County sheriff’s spokeswoman had said, died the same way he had lived his life, which was by protecting others.

deputy fatally shot

deputy fatally shot on duty