cory denoncourt snowbank

cory denoncourt snowbank

Snowbank Collapse Kills Young Boy

A 10-year-old boy passed away Thursday, December 20th after suffering injuries while he was playing in the snow with a friend. Young Cory Denoncourt was outside of his family’s apartment home in Greece, New York, according to police of the Rochester suburb.

The boy was building forts with a friend in a snowbank on Wednesday when the bank collapsed, causing him to fall and became trapped. Children playing at the apartment worked to pull Denoncourt out of the snow. Additional help was summoned to come by another child on the scene

Denoncourt was taken to a nearby hospital after the accident occurred. Once admitted, the young boy was listed as being in critical condition. Denoncourt passed away while at the hospital Thursday night due to the injuries he sustained during the snowbank’s collapse.

As the winter weather continues, the police are reminding all children to take every precaution when they are playing in the snow and ice. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that children are never alone when playing in the snow.

Grieving students will be able to meet with a crisis team Friday as they process the loss of their classmate.


Cory Denoncourt snowbank

Cory Denoncourt snowbank: boy Dies In Snowbank Collapse