Thousands Without Power in Parts Of Canada, US

Thousands Without Power in Parts Of Canada, US

Thousands Without Power

After spending Christmas week shoveling, scraping, melting and hiking through mounds of snow, slush and ice thousands still struggle without power across the north. Last week’s ice storm raised havoc on Canada, Maine, New England and Michigan and now these areas are forced to learn how to cope without creature comforts. Officials are struggling to get power back on but it still could be a week or more in some areas. Abandoned homes stand to weather the damage on their own. But whether, not wanting to leave pets or having nowhere else to go those that are riding this out have another surprise coming.

With another big storm on the way, residence in these areas brace for more snow, slush, broken branches, collapsed roofs and inevitably more power outages. Back to the ice age, man is facing the challenges our ancestors lived with without electric lamps and heat pumps. With this new storm threatening to dump even more misery on our northern citizens it seems that they may be waiting even longer before the power grid is back up and running, unfortunately this may bring on a new set of challenges to these already struggling folks. Once the snow subsides and ices melt and power is restored you can bet the northern populace will face the mess of broken water pipes, damaged roofs, dented cars and anything else that may be buried in the white.


thousands without power

thousands without power a week after storm