Single mother accidentally purchases extra lottery ticket and wins 14 million

In California a single mother of four made the mistake of a lifetime. Her accidental purchase of an additional lottery ticket helped her win 14 million dollars. Le stated that she normally purchases 1 Super Lotto Plus ticket and $4 in Powerball tickets. This time she accidentally purchased an additional ticket from the automated machine at the CVS in Mission Viejo. This is one accident that Le does not regret. The CVS will also receive a bonus for selling the winning lottery ticket.

In an instant Le’s mistake became good fortune. The extra dollars spent won her 14 million dollars It was stated by the Lottery Commission that Le ran out of the store screaming after checking her tickets with a friend. She drove directly to claim her winnings.

She told a reporter at that she intends to use the money to purchase a new home for her family, travel and visit her mother and father in Vietnam. When she called home to inform her son she was met with strong disbelief. Her son thought she was joking. This is an unbelievable event and the mistake of a lifetime. Le has been unavailable for comment since the event.