naked scooter driver cooling

naked scooter driver cooling

Scooter driver pulled over for wearing undies around ankles

A police officer said he thought he had seen it all until he saw something new. The officer had to take a second look because he could not believe what he was seeing. There was a man driving his scooter with his underwear down around his ankles. The officer pulled the man over and asked him why he was riding half naked down the road.

The unclothed man told the officer that he was letting them cool down. He had been riding for approximately 10 kilometers that way without a single complaint from anyone around him. The officer gave him a lecture about wearing all the safety equipment in the right places. He then let the man go without further repercussions.

The officer was surprised at what he had seen. He said that he never wanted to see anything like it again. The incident occurred on State Highway 1, north of Amberley at approximately 4:30 p.m. Constable Craig Newman said all he could see coming up behind the naked rider was his bare rear-end. The 35-year-old scooter driver was fortunate that no one had made any complaints about his behavior. The constable may have then been inclined to arrest him for indecent exposure if they had.

naked scooter driver