kesha mom rehab update: Singer Still In Recovery

kesha mom rehab update: Singer Still In Recovery

Mom Speaks Out About Kesha’s Battle with Eating Disorders


In the video entitled, “Die Young” from her album, “The Warrior,” Kesha was noticeably thinner. It was during the filming of this music video, Kesha’s producer; Lukasz Sebastian “Dr. Luke” Gottwald told her that she needed to lose weight. On January, 3, 2014, an announcement was made informing the public that the singer had entered a treatment center, for an eating disorder.Today, as follow-up to that announcement, Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, offered an update on her daughter’s condition. Sebert said that the singer is suffering from both anorexia and bulimia. She identified other members close to Kesha, including her handlers and advisors as major contributors to her problems.

Her recording label told her to drop “15 pounds in 30 days.” Then she was told that it didn’t matter how this was accomplished, it needed to be done.  Dr. Luke allegedly said  “she was the size of a refrigerator”. At this point, Kesha started throwing up, in addition to dieting and juicing. Sebert voiced her fears about her daughter’s health.


“He has been verbally abusive to her and insults her and the way she looks, saying she’s not pretty enough or skinny enough,” her friend recounts to RadarOnline. “The abuse ultimately led Ke$ha to a bad place.” A rep for Dr. Luke chose not to respond.

“She told me she was juicing and hiking Runyon, but she was throwing up. I knew at some point she’d done it. I told her it was dangerous…her teeth, her voice. She’d swear she wasn’t doing it anymore, but had a breakdown right before Christmas and told me she’d been doing it pretty much on a daily basis since two months after she signed with Luke.”


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Information Source: Headline and Global News