Atomic wedgie murder: Murder by atomic wedgie in Oklahoma

Atomic wedgie murder: Murder by atomic wedgie in Oklahoma

Atomic wedgies might be fairly common bullying tactics at summer camp, but the practice turned deadly on Tuesday, Jan. 7 at a private home just east of Oklahoma City. Brad Lee Davis, 33, was arrested on suspicion of murdering his stepfather, Denver St. Clair, 58.

Atomic wedgies consist of perpetrators pulling underwear up, and over, the victim’s head. Davis applied the atomic wedgie with such force that he allegedly suffocated his stepfather with his own underwear. The Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office submitted an arrest affidavit following Davis’ arrest saying he grabbed St. Clair’s underwear, then atomic wedgied it by the elastic waistband.

“I’d never seen this before, but when we first looked at our victim seeing the waistband of his underwear was around his neck,” said Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth.

The Smoking Gun website said Davis was a former Marine who applied the wedgie during a drunken brawl following a dinner of deer chiii and beer. The argument was provoked by St. Clair talking poorly of his mother, Davis said. Davis repeatedly hit St. Clair as the older man lay on the ground, deputies said.

St. Clair was moaning and still moving, although barely, Davis said, when he pulled the man’s underwear over his head and strangled the man. Police said St. Clair suffered multiple bunt force injuries to his face and a ligature mark around his neck.

Here’s a video of some kids giving eathother atomic wedgies!

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Atomic wedgie murder

Atomic wedgie murder: Atomic wedgie leads to Oklahoma man’s death