Shipping Wars Families: Jennifer Brennan's dogs, Zag and Bella

Shipping Wars Families: Jennifer Brennan’s dogs, Zag and Bella

“The Cowgirl” of Shipping Wars Values Family

The series “Shipping Wars” has already proven its resilience with ratings after only 1.5 years. While it first aired in January 2012, it is now in its fourth season.

One of its more popular cast members is the fiercely independent and deceptively beautiful woman Jennifer Brennan AKA “The Cowgirl”. Brennan can hold her own against any of the boys on the show.

Brennan herself admits that she has had to fight against the perception that shipping is “man’s work”.

She competes on the show “Shipping Wars” on behalf of the company USHIP where she has proven herself over the years and is one of their most sought after truckers by customer demand. Brennan explains that she simply wasn’t brought up to believe that she had limitations.

On the contrary, she was taught that she could do anything she set her mind to accomplish.

However, one secret to her success is the home front. Brennan has family to come home to and they are what she yearns to return to after a long distance haul. In addition to her family, she has her pet Yorkie “Bella” and Australian Shepherd “Zag” which await her return by staring at the door.