The northeast has enjoyed a day or two of bliss recently with sunny days and unseasonably warm weather. It was a nice respite from days of winter blizzards and the heavy rains, and savage cold fronts which followed. The nice weather will likely last a day or two more. However, more snow is on the horizon which will make the temporary respite a distant memory.

The forecast is for snow from the Mid-Atlantic to the Southern Plains. It is possible the snows will turn to the northeast which ending their sunny delight. The snows will be heavy in certain areas. Currently, the snow storm is blanketing parts of Oklahoma down to the Texas panhandle with what is expected to be 6 to 9 inches of snow before moving eastward staring Tuesday.

By Wednesday, the storms will reach the mid-Atlantic before possibly turning up to the Northeastern United States. One cosmetologist believes the storm would be relatively mild by the time it reaches the northeast. However, it may trigger what is called a “low pressure system” which would result in heavy snows by the weekend. The most recent snows caused multiple cancellations at airports, school bus routes being closed, snow & ice related accidents, and disaster areas being declared in certain localities.

Northeast could be in for more snow