Post Office Unions Enraged Over Joint Venture with Staples for Mini-Post Offices

It was only a few weeks ago that proponents of big government in the United States were mocking the Christmas delivery rates of the nation’s top two competitors to the US Postal Service, UPS & FedEx, because of the surge in holiday deliveries which overwhelmed them resulting in delays of yuletide gifts. The oft citied criticism is that the private sector was no match for what a government sponsored entity could handle.

Well, it may be that the private sector is now having the last laugh as office supply giant Staples has rolled out what are termed Mini-post offices at many of their locations across the country. This gives the US Post Office a broader reach to customers at a time when the carrier is in desperate need of additional business. However, the measure is not greeted warmly by Post Office employees who now feel their monolithic business model is threatened by the new innovation.

At issue is the dreaded term “privatization” which the union is loath to see implemented in any form. The postal service union sees the Staples-USPS venture as a stealth way to insert that into the business dominated by 220,000 union workers. Management for the Postal Service says the new mini-post offices are actually a replacement of stand-alone kiosks. It should be noted that the union successfully killed a near identical Sears-USPS deal back in the 1980s.

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