Kelly Clarkson New Worth $28 Million In 2013


The net worth of American female singer, songwriter, and reality TV sensation Kelly Clarkson has been reliably estimated at some $28 million by the experts at the official Celebrity Net Worth website.

This figure of $28 million represents the total net worth that was taken in by Kelly Clarkson during the fiscal year of 2013, during which the singing sensation excelled in multiple endeavors on the stage and screen.

Kelly Clarkson has recently been acknowledged as the most second successful alumni of American Idol, the show that first propelled her to international fame and fortune. The beloved entertainer has sold over 12 million albums in the United States alone, and some 20 million albums world wide. At the end of 2013, it was clear that the total figure of albums sold by Kelly Clarkson was second only to Carrie Underwood.

Kelly Clarkson embarked on a hugely successful world tour in 2013, and her new album was expected to be a major presence at the upcoming 2014 Grammy Awards. In addition, she continues to receive royalties from a vast number of income streams, including paid celebrity endorsements for a host of successful products. 2014 looks to be yet another lucrative year for Clarkson.