Seattle’s Surprising Snowfall

In 1957, Seattle received a record high snowfall of 0.4 inches, but that record was officially broken on Saturday. The city was enveloped in snow by the storm that covered Portland, Oregon, and there were many different views on the unexpected, wintry accumulation.

Children and other snow lovers took to lawns and the streets with winter fun. Many people took time to truly enjoy the snow, but there were many problems because of the storm as well. There were many vehicles on the road that were spinning out of control and sliding across the ice, and motorists were not happy. There were many dangerous situations caused by the storm that could have otherwise been avoided.

Citizens of Seattle are happy to know that the weather will be back to normal during the week, and they will receive the normal bouts of rain that is typical of Seattle weather. While rainy days provide motorists with a slower commute to where they have to go, there is less danger of slipping and sliding than if there was snow on the ground. While there were many people who enjoyed the abnormal weather conditions, the streets of Seattle will be a little safer throughout the rest of the week, and that is something to rejoice over.