Salinas, California – local police have arrested two females, a businesswoman/counselor and a former corrections officer, and charged them with child neglect and abuse. The women are Christian Jessica Deanda and Eraca Dawn Craig, ages 44 and 31 respectively. Each woman has been charged with multiple counts of child abuse. Thus far, they have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Each woman will certainly need a good lawyer and one who is skillful in backroom plea bargaining. This is because the extensive evidence discovered by police will result in their sentences being more severe should they force the state to take the matter to trial. Originally, police deputies arrived at their residence to validate child neglect accusations. Upon entering the home, which can best be described by the Swedish word “smutsig” (dirty, unkempt), they found three children under age ten all of whom were malnourished. The oldest, a girl age 8, was chained to the floor denying her reach to any food, not that deputies found much anyway. The boys are ages 3 and 5. According to police, the girl was in such an advanced stage of starvation, she resembled a Nazi concentration camp victim.

“The little girl was from time-to-time chained to the walls of the house and denied food,” Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller said. “She was extremely emaciated. She’s been described as someone who looks like she’s been living in a concentration camp.”

Oddly enough, only the 3-year-old boy is the natural child of one of the women. The other two children were adopted in what may well cast a disparaging light on the organizations which facilitated the adoptions. Police believe the two women, who were lesbian lovers, were in the process of moving out of the neighborhood.

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