Portland, Oregon – On August 14, 2012, little 4-year-old Zachary Dutro-Boggess was rushed into the ER ward of a local hospital showing signs of severe trauma to his abdomen region. It didn’t take long for doctors to realize that he was dying as tests showed it wasn’t just contusions on the skin, but actual organ damage from the severity of the blows administered to him.

It was too little, too late. The little boy, who hadn’t even gotten a chance to live his life, was put on life support not long after his arrival, and within 48 hours the life support was turned off; he subsequently passed away. Now, Jessica Dutro, his mother, is on trial for two felonies: felony second-degree assault and felony murder by abuse. In building their case before jurors, the prosecution believes they have the motive for why a woman would savagely and repeatedly beat her child up to the point of death: homophobia. They claim that Mrs. Dutro recognized what she perceived were signs of homosexuality in her son and attempted to beat them out him. Sadly, she wouldn’t be the first person to attempt to beat the perceived sin of homosexuality out of a person.

In a sign of just how important social networking messages can become, prosecutors won the right to use a Facebook message she sent to her boyfriend. In the message, she explains how she had her son standing in front of the wall. She went on to explain that the disciplinary action was due to the fact that both his speech and gait were those of a gay person. She uttered her contempt for that lifestyle and stated she was attempting to “straighten” him out. Prosecutors will also be allowed to use web searches she conducted to further establish the anti-gay motive.

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