Studio City, California – 30-year-old actress Mila Kunis has confirmed that she and her partner Ashton Kutcher will be having their first child, and that has fans eager to know if they’ve decided on a name for the baby. However, thus far there is no confirmation that she has decided on a name for the child. There isn’t even a confirmation as to when she and Kutcher will marry.

All that is certain is that the 9-month clock on the human gestation cycle is ticking for her. She was recently spotted out on the town to collect groceries. You can tell a lot about a person from their shopping because as the adage goes, “you are what you eat.” In her case, she had plenty of nutritious, fresh, and healthy food. Her baby bump is starting to become evident, but at this early stage it is still more of a tummy protrusion than an obvious baby bump.

No one can say the Ukrainian beauty is rushing into things. She dated Kutcher for two years before announcing their engagement. This was likely due in part because she was not one who believe marriage was very important. Then again, she was dating Macaulay Culkin at the time.

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