Jackson, Wyoming – This quaint town of just under 10,000 people is a popular tourist destination which has been visited by the likes of Vice-President Dick Cheney and billionaire investor Warren Buffet. However, scores of residents have been evacuated due to what is termed a slow moving landslide. Thankfully, there are no reports of any injury to human life nor even to homes and apartments. Still, access to the town is limited along a single point of entry and part of that road is threatened by the landslide. Should that road get washed out, it would extremely difficult to provide support to the people isolated. At this reason, 60 people were removed from their homes.

For now, those people have been put up in shelters. The trouble is that the landslide has not stabilized. Police note that the fissure in the road is widening on a daily basis. Authorities are allowing the evacuees to return to their residences escorted by officers to retrieve what valuables they desire and to ensure the safety of their property, but no one is allowed to remain in their homes throughout the night. Initially, evacuees were put up in a hotel courtesy of the American Red Cross. Now, a shelter has been setup given the uncertain period of their separation from home.

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