Jessica Simpson looks stunning at baby shower!

Jessica Simpson was attending a friend’s baby shower in a stunning fuchsia dress that hugging her body curves. She has two kids but you would never know looking at her body today. She has lost all of her baby weight and shows no signs of slowing down now on the touring scene in Hollywood. She has been on a mission ever since her kids were born last year to get back into shape. Maybe Jessica could give her friend some post baby workout tips as she has been down that road before already!

How Jessica got her body back
Jessica began working with the Weight watchers campaign this year and it has made all the difference. Many people think that this program is just for those who are overweight but it actually is for anyone looking to tone up or shape up. You don’t have to be morbidly obese to be able to join this program at all. Jessica proved this mantra when her goal was only to tone up and firm up all of that baby weight. She began with the end in mind by having her trainer focus more of a cardio workout routine. This type of workout burns calories and also tones up the key muscle groups that most woman want to look good- the stomach and the arms.

Jessica’s Real Reason for Shaping Up

Let’s face it- love make us do some crazy things sometimes. She has been toning up and gearing up for her big wedding day; which is set to take place after the July 4th holiday. The 33 year old stunning beauty has been hitting the gym every week more than twice for the last few months. It has shown in her choice of dresses which have been tastefully revealing and shape fully elegant. Marriage will definitely look good on her for years to come.




Jessica Simpson stuns as she shows off weight loss at friend’s baby shower