Unnamed FBI Agent Gets Praise from Law Enforcement Officers for Ending East Peoria Killing Spree

Peoria, Illinois – Police officers with the East Peoria police department are offering their heartfelt gratitude to the unnamed FBI agent who killed a lone gunman who opened fire on people at the North Main Street restaurant called the Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria situated near the Par-A-Dice Hotel & Casino. It may be that the gunman was targeting only his ex-wife and her boyfriend, but no one knows for sure. Thankfully, the off-duty FBI agent was armed and well-trained because he immediately engaged the gunman shooting and killing him at the scene. However, it wasn’t before the perp, 40-year-old Jason Moore, had shot and killed his ex-wife Lori Moore, age 37, and her new boyfriend Lance Griffel. The Moore’s marriage had formally been dissolved weeks early in May.

The assailant killed his ex-wife with a single gunshot to the head. Griffel was in critical condition when ambulances arrived on the scene. He died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The victims were enjoying a high school reunion at the popular restaurant at the time of the violence. Officers are relieved that the incident ended quickly. Anyone following current events knows how badly things can turn out when a person loses it mentally and is armed with a gun.

The police chief speculated that the gunman must have been distraught over his recent divorce and something had gone profoundly wrong in his mind. The police chief is anxious to better understand what events led up to the shooting spree in the hopes that such acts of violence can be prevented in the future. As for the Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria, it has been closed pending the ongoing investigation by both the police and FBI. There is no word yet on when the location will be able to reopen.


East Peoria Shooting: Off-Duty FBI Agent’s Heroism