Its a parent’s nightmare! A three-week-old baby is undergoing tests for HIV and Hepatitis A, B and C after being mistakenly given breast milk from the wrong mother at Caboolture Hospital, a medical center in southeast Queensland, Australia. The understandably irate grandmother briefly after the incident contacted a Brisbane radio station to reveal the details of the situation. According to the grandmother, shortly after the birth of her grandchild a nurse handed her daughter-in-law a bottle only to return a few minutes later to say it was the wrong bottle. It is not unlikely that the blunder was simply caused from weariness after long work hours. The grandmother also said her son and daughter-in law are beside themselves with worry. Who can blame them?

The test procedure–conducted by The Metro North Hospital and Health Service–will be thorough and definitely point out any abnormalities. It will involve the testing of both blood and milk samples. The initial results are due in a week with a confirmation test taking place after another 12 weeks. However, the hospital authorities won’t stop there. They are determined to issue a full investigation so that such an error never again occurs. After this investigation is over they are committed to taking further steps to insure this mistake never happens again. To that end the staff will be fully retrained on following appropriate protocols–specifically protocols in regard to breast milk and infant feeding. Obviously, the hospital authorities have also profusely apologized to the family for the negligence of its staff. However, a hospital spokesperson has also stated that these tests are just a precaution and that because everyone involved–including the donor mother–is healthy there is actually very little danger. They are confident that in a short time all concerns will be put to rest.